My Opinion of Essay #4

By all means, essay number 4 was the hardest essay this semester. Being such a challenge gave me the motivation to write a strong and persuasive essay that would be filled with good content, but would not be to wordy where the readers might lose interest. Above all, I think the essay was successful. 


Ranger Challenge

Ranger Challenge

This is the Gateway Battalion Ranger Challenge team. Ranger Challenge is designed to test your physical and mental abilities. If you pass, you earn a small tab and leadership skills for the future.

Journal Entry pp. 506 “I Want a Wife”

Is Brady’s 1972 characterization of a wife still accurate today? Today, women are not obligated to be wives like they were in history. Women today have the choice of being a stay at home mom or a working woman. Which characteristics she described have stayed the same? Out of that entire list, the characteristics that have stayed the same would have to be the ones that involve taking care of a child. However, in today’s world, jobs like that are not just limited to women, but both genders. Which have changed? The ones that changed are the ones that involve that man going to school while the woman stays home. Today the woman has the choice to do as she pleases and not have to worry about violating a social norm.

Journal Entry pp. 564

Stanton lists the injuries in which society has been inflicting. Not particularly physical, but in the sense women being restricted from everyday and important privileges. All of the injuries in the Declaration of Sentiments have been corrected, maybe not from her, but throughout history.

What Am I Chosing For Essay #4

Currently I don’t have a particular idea on what to write about. I would primarily like to focus on an on-campus problem that I’ve experienced. One idea I had was about the food that Pedestal Foods is distributing. Pedestal Foods is a company contracted with Lindewood University and has rights to be the only food outlet on campus. Although their food tastes good, it’s not the best primary source of energy and nutrients for all the athletes on campus. In my opinion, Pedestal Foods needs to bring in more nutritious foods that will meet the requirements of the athletes at Lindenwood.

My thoughts on the Rough Draft

The rough draft for essay number 3 was one of the easiest, in my opinion, out of all so far. The advertisement is chose, which was the U.S. Army commercial, had a lot of aspects in which I was able to write a well-developed essay that cover four criteria. What I worked on the most was nothing more than minor errors such as grammar and spelling, however, there are still some minor adjustments I need to make as well as adding reasons as to why the criteria I’ve chosen persuades the viewers. Other than that, the essay was simple and straight forward.

Why I Chose the Advertisment?

     Why did I chose the U.S. Army Commercial? The reason why I chose the Army commercial is because it’s very familiar to me and it goes alone with the theme of my blog. I decided that I wanted to join the U.S. Army when I was just a kid. Now that I’m a cadet at Lindenwood University, I can now peruse that dream. Another reason why I chose to do the U.S. Army commercial is because the Army uses a lot of different techniques in order to motivate people to join the U.S. Army. If you’ve watched the video, you can see what the Army uses to get your attention.