Final Thoughts


Throughout the entire fall semester of 2013, I managed to advance my skills as a writer from the Strategies of University Writing course. From the four essays we were assigned to write, I strengthen my abilities to write essays regarding to description, comparing and contrasting, persuasion, and argumentation. Having not a lot of experience with all four of the subjects, I was able to enhance my abilities to write those essays more effectively. Over the semester, I accomplished my goals by putting forth the efforts and digging deeper in the text and analyzing the information that was required in order to write a sufficient piece. With the help of The Little, Brown Handbook and Patterns, I was able to study more about each style of essay in order to be a more successful writer. Also, because of the grammar practice on Fridays, I was able to improve even with the more elementary common mistakes.   


Essay Revision in Class

For class on December 4, 2013, I plan on bringing my persuasive essay. The reason why I chose this essay to revise is because not only is this the essay in which I scored the lowest, but one of the essays I feel I spent the most time on working. What I plan to do for the revision is to focus more on how the advertisement persuades, as opposed to just describing the commercial in detail. In order to ensure I restructure a more successful writing, is to ask a peer to assist me and take advantage of their feedback. I plan to ask my peer if they can understand how I explain the use of persuasion in my essay regarding the commercial. Other than that, I plan on making a few adjustment myself so that the essay is more logical.

What Essay Will I Bring To Class? Why?

The essay that I have chosen to bring into class on Monday is Essay #1. The reason why this essay was my first choice, was for one, it has the lowest grade out of all the final drafts, but because the essay had a lot of errors in it that were easy to change. The photo includes a picture of me with two other men in it. What I plan to revise in the essay is how I’m related to these two people and how we’re interacting in the photo. I would also like to explain the situation we are in at the moment when the picture was taken. When doing peer editing, I would like to ask the editor if I described the photo vividly enough for them to visualize in their mind.

My Progress This Semester

Over the past semester, I’ve developed a new custom when examining an advertisement on T.V., or a photo I pick out of an album. The reason why I see it differently is because I’ve learned to analyze different pictures like a family photo or a movie poster, and illustrate specific details about that image in a way that others don’t take into account. Thought out the fall semester, my evaluating skills improved due to the class conducting peer editing in the computer lab. However, there is still things I lack, which is what I found out in my Essay #3. In the essay, I failed to illustrate what was it about an Army commercial that made people want to join. There was not a lot of issues with the essay, just the use of persuasion. Other than that, the semester carried out to be a success.    

My thoughts on Essay #4 Final Copy

From my research and interviewing, I gathered sources to create a well thought of essay. The topic I chose regards to Lindenwood University’s online courses and how it is crucial that they expand in order to bring in more students. I looked up the benefits of online classes and real professor’s opinion and based the report on those. After revising my rough draft, I noticed that my essay lacked organization. The body paragraphs didn’t relate to the thesis. Also, some of my paragraphs opened with a quote, were I needed to open with the topic in which the paragraph is about.

A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift

What is your emotional reaction to this essay? Do you find it amusing or offensive? Why? Swift depicts to the audience of how the poor people crowd the streets of Doblin, Ireland. Many of the women who beg for money have their children following them around wearing nothing but cloths. Swift presents an idea of how to solve the problem of the growing population of poverty, but also the inhabitants as a whole. He suggests that we should eat the children once they are at least one year old. At first I was slightly discussed, but though the essay, Swift gives interesting logic that supports his proposal. Examples like, the children would be good for dinner parties and that children would be in season year round. Although I don’t believe in eating children, I do think Swift presents a good argumentation.

My Errors in Essay #4

For my choice on essay number 4 regards to online classes that Lindenwood University offers and how they need to expand. As of now I believe I constructed a solid argument. Within my argument style essay, I addressed the benefits of online classes, as well as the down side. Sources that I added are all from real professors and legitimate companies, such as New York Times. However, in my essay I need to focus on one reason to support the one topic. Also, I have a few minor grammatical errors that need to be corrected, such as italicizing “New York Times”, as opposed to using quotes.