Final Thoughts


Throughout the entire fall semester of 2013, I managed to advance my skills as a writer from the Strategies of University Writing course. From the four essays we were assigned to write, I strengthen my abilities to write essays regarding to description, comparing and contrasting, persuasion, and argumentation. Having not a lot of experience with all four of the subjects, I was able to enhance my abilities to write those essays more effectively. Over the semester, I accomplished my goals by putting forth the efforts and digging deeper in the text and analyzing the information that was required in order to write a sufficient piece. With the help of The Little, Brown Handbook and Patterns, I was able to study more about each style of essay in order to be a more successful writer. Also, because of the grammar practice on Fridays, I was able to improve even with the more elementary common mistakes.   


Essay Revision in Class

For class on December 4, 2013, I plan on bringing my persuasive essay. The reason why I chose this essay to revise is because not only is this the essay in which I scored the lowest, but one of the essays I feel I spent the most time on working. What I plan to do for the revision is to focus more on how the advertisement persuades, as opposed to just describing the commercial in detail. In order to ensure I restructure a more successful writing, is to ask a peer to assist me and take advantage of their feedback. I plan to ask my peer if they can understand how I explain the use of persuasion in my essay regarding the commercial. Other than that, I plan on making a few adjustment myself so that the essay is more logical.