What Am I Chosing For Essay #4

Currently I don’t have a particular idea on what to write about. I would primarily like to focus on an on-campus problem that I’ve experienced. One idea I had was about the food that Pedestal Foods is distributing. Pedestal Foods is a company contracted with Lindewood University and has rights to be the only food outlet on campus. Although their food tastes good, it’s not the best primary source of energy and nutrients for all the athletes on campus. In my opinion, Pedestal Foods needs to bring in more nutritious foods that will meet the requirements of the athletes at Lindenwood.


My thoughts on the Rough Draft

The rough draft for essay number 3 was one of the easiest, in my opinion, out of all so far. The advertisement is chose, which was the U.S. Army commercial, had a lot of aspects in which I was able to write a well-developed essay that cover four criteria. What I worked on the most was nothing more than minor errors such as grammar and spelling, however, there are still some minor adjustments I need to make as well as adding reasons as to why the criteria I’ve chosen persuades the viewers. Other than that, the essay was simple and straight forward.

Why I Chose the Advertisment?

     Why did I chose the U.S. Army Commercial? The reason why I chose the Army commercial is because it’s very familiar to me and it goes alone with the theme of my blog. I decided that I wanted to join the U.S. Army when I was just a kid. Now that I’m a cadet at Lindenwood University, I can now peruse that dream. Another reason why I chose to do the U.S. Army commercial is because the Army uses a lot of different techniques in order to motivate people to join the U.S. Army. If you’ve watched the video, you can see what the Army uses to get your attention.

Reading Visual Text

Reading Visual Text

1) Why was the visual created?
The visual was created to show the importance of vacuuming.
2) What kind of audience is it aimed at?
The audience would be home owners
3) How would you characterize the visual. For example, is it fine art? An advertisement? A technical diagram? A chart or graph?
This picture would be an advertisement.
4) What is the visuals most important or most striking image? What makes this image dominate the page?
What makes this image so striking is it’s a group of toy soldiers marching and kicking up dust.
5) How is blank space used to emphasize individual’s image?
Blank space is used to emphasize the main point, so the viewer is not side tracked.
6) How does the contrast between light and dark (or use of color) work to emphasize individual images?
Light and dark help to emphasize something in the image, most likely what they are trying to advertise.
7) What objects are depicted in the visual?

In the visual, there are a group of toy soldiers in formation marching.
8) Does the visual include any images of people? If so, how do the people depicted interact with one another? What is their relationship to various objects depicted in the visual?

The only people are the little green toy soldiers and the only way they interact with each other is that they are in synchronization when marching across a carpeted floor. All of
the soldiers are working together to kick up dust, which symbolizes a vacuum.
9) Does the visual include any words? If so, what is their function? What is the relationship between the visual’s words and its images?
The visual does include a caption that states, “If you don’t vacuum the dust, your kids will”. The idea behind this caption is to try and persuade the audience to buy this product because if you don’t, your kids will be playing in dust. The toy soldiers marching represent children playing.

My thoughts on Essay #2

                So fare my essay seemed to be successful. I completed a full length essay which covered all of my main ideas in the thesis. What I really like the most is how much I’ve learned from a simple movie poster. When I walk into the movie theatre and I see the posters for the upcoming movies, I don’t realize how much detail is in them. After writing an essay over two movie posters made me see more detail in each poster than I did before. However, I would like to revise the essay because I know there were moments in the piece where I need to add filler in order to lengthen it. What I plan to do is to take another look at the poster and try to make the additives become more in line with the main idea of the paragraph.