Movie Poster #2

Movie Poster #2


Essay #2 discription

 For my essay #2 assignment, I chose to do a comparison of two movie posters. The
movie posters I’m writing about are from the same title, however they are
different generations. One of them are the original “Red Dawn” movies which was
produced in 1984. The newer version was produced in 2012 with a slightly
different story behind it. I chose this title because I know that both of these
poster have a significant amount of similarities because of how the story is
written. Also, there is a major difference between the two posters because of
the different generation these movies were released.   

Journal Entry- “I’m Your Teacher, Not Your Internet-Service Provider”

 Do you agree or disagree with Laird’s assessment of Internet Learning and classroom-based learning? Personally, I have no experience with online class learning, however I do agree with how Laird looks at her style of learning. She is very clear on how serious she takes her class. For example, she stated that the syllabus is not a restaurant menu. In other words, she is not giving her students a choice, but a demand of what needs to be done and when. Also, Laird doesn’t take excuses curiously when it comes to online classes because students don’t have to see their professor and how she really reacts to those excuses.  

What are you in for?

What are you in for?

Don’t be intimidated by the intense physical fitness you see soldiers doing on commercials and other advertisements. It’s not bad if you train often, however you will be pushed to your limits only to make you a better soldier in the future.

Who am I?


                My name is John Martinez. I am a freshman cadet private at Lindenwood University. Currently I am majoring in criminal justice and military science. My athletic is Olympic Weightlifting, which I’ve only been doing for about a month now so don’t ask advise about it. What I am here for and am planning on doing with this blog is to leave my experiences as a freshman in ROTC for anyone wanting to peruse it in college. I will being giving you an idea of what it is like in ROTC and what we do in order to develop the future leaders of our military. Feel free to ask me anything about ROTC and I will do my best to answer.

Sculptures of Love

The pictures are both considered images of love. One of them called “The Kiss”, an art sculpture of two stone white people who are kissing promiscuously. One has their arm around the others head and the other has theirs around the others waist. The second picture is called “LOVE”, a sculpture in the middle of a city that states the word “LOVE”. The “L” and the “O” are both on top of the “V” and the “E”, and the “O” is lightly leaning to the right.

                The first picture “The Kiss” conveys love because it displays two people showing their affection of one another with a kiss. What looks like a male is leaning on top of his female partner both with their arms around each other.

In my opinion, the second sculpture “LOVE” conveys love more effectively. The reason why is because love doesn’t always mean leaning over someone and kissing them. Love is something that anyone can feel with anyone, not just involving two people in a sexual way. Love involves family and friends. Also, in the sculpture “LOVE”, the “O” is slightly leaning over to the right. What that symbolizes to me is that love isn’t always perfect and that it will always have issues.